Why I Finally Decided to Start Traveling and Blogging.

In life you must be willing to take a leap for your dreams. Even without the assurance of a safe landing – Suzie Vargas

Back Story:

I had always thought about traveling, (I mean, everyone does, right?) Yet somehow I always managed to convince myself that I needed to wait.

I used to think –  Maybe when I finish school, when I save more money… or maybe when I have more TIME.

These excuses were putting all my traveling dreams on a one way ticket to Neverland (and not Pan’s, mind you.)  It all just became a “someday” on my  wish list.


However, after having an amazing 2016, where I accomplished so many of the goals I had set for myself, I was feeling emboldened by this and was eager to tackle traveling. So at the end of that year, I decided to just go for it! I knew that the time would never be just right, and if I didn’t do it then, I would never do it.

So on January 1, 2017 I booked my first flight! It has been one of the best decisions of my life.



Why blog about my travels?

I have always loved writing; I did a lot of creative writing in my early teens. Now I dabble more in essays, discussions, & analysis. (Some for school, many for myself.)

However, I’m definitely not a professional writer, or even what some would consider a great writer.

But I love it, and I believe that for any writer, (or anyone in general) love and passion are two of the most important things to have.

So, for a long time I wanted to start writing publicly – blogging, seemed like an easy way to “test the waters”.

I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about, and in all honesty, I was very nervous to expose my writing to others. But as I was doing extensive research on my trip (researching points of interest, accommodations, do’s and don’ts, and MANY other things) I was inspired by the bloggers I came across, especially these two amazing ladies:

This Battered Suitcase

Young Adventuress

Their blogs were so fun to read, extremely helpful, and just filled with amazing, detailed stories.

I loved the idea of writing about this new journey I would be on, and sharing that with the world. (I was already going to privately journal and analyze my trip, as I do with most things in my life) So why not share it?

That’s when I created She Chose Now.

A place where I give you, dear reader, an unfiltered, informative, and hopefully entertaining look at my travel experiences. While also getting to do what I love, write. Because that’s the whole point really, to do the things you love.

Now that’s what I call a double win! (You know, two birds and one stone type of deal.) 😉

5 tips to start making your dreams a reality:

My advice to you if you’re thinking about traveling or about crossing some things off your list is this:

  1. First, get rid of the “wish list” and make a to-do list, a now list.
  2. Then, start working towards that list. What are you doing today for your dreams?
  3. Stop overthinking it. Overthinking is the number one dream killer.
  4. Be brave. You have what it takes, we all do.
  5. Finally, just go for it! It really is that simple.

Still thinking you can’t do it right now?

You can!

You don’t have to be a millionaire to travel, you don’t have to take a year off, and not having a travel buddy should never stop you.

I’m no expert, but I did it on a budget, on my own, and LOVED every moment of it!

Go now!

Seriously, go check flight prices.

Go skydiving! it’s been on your New Years list for as long as you can remember.

Apply for that job you’ve been thinking about.

Change your major.

Eat that pizza.

Read that book.

Wake up at 2 a.m. to go get Starbucks 😬

ok, you get the idea!

Life is a non-stop train, going to a place we can’t control. But we’ve been lucky enough to get a first class seat in it. It’s up to you to decide how you spend the journey. Make it an epic one! 💛

Thanks so much for reading!

au revoir for now – Suzie

2 thoughts on “Why I Finally Decided to Start Traveling and Blogging.

  1. Isaac your favorite high classmate lol, I’m happy for you I read a few of you blog I like. Stay positive and keep following you dream. Longest you happy that all that matter. 😊 #livedoesntwait

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! Thanks, I appreciate that. 😁✨


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