Return to a Place You Love or Visit Somewhere New?

When I first decided to start traveling, I enthusiastically made a plan to see the world! (slowly, but surely)
However, that all seemed to change on my first visit to Scotland.
The months leading up to my trip, were filled with such excitement and longing, but there’s nothing quite like actually being there, to seal the deal.

I ardently fell in love with that beautiful country and its people.
Actually falling much harder than I’d anticipated.
Cliché as it may sound, Scotland breathed some type of life into me.
Heading back home to Miami, was such a bittersweet moment.

Back home, after a quick google search. I happened upon articles titled “Post-trip blues” or “Post-trip depression”
Thank God! I wasn’t going crazy. (Whew)

People everywhere had at some point or another gone through the same feelings.
I figured in time, I would get over it and start planning my next trip.
Except, it was now 3 months later, and I was still hopelessly stuck on Scotland. My only constant thought was, “I have to go back!” (If it sounds like I’m obsessed, it’s cause I am.)

p (12)
Can you honestly blame me?

However,  I knew in my heart, that I would be doing myself a great injustice, if I didn’t try to see the rest of the world.
So, I went for the only place I felt would have a chance of breaking the spell of Scotland.


Oui, Paris!

Before unintentionally falling in love with Scotland, Paris had always been my dearest dream since childhood. If any place could lift my spirits, it would have to be here, right?

After purchasing a ticket for early March, I expectantly waited to feel that gut twisting excitement, like I had felt when I booked my ticket to Scotland.

Nothing. Nada.
I tried to start planning my trip, but it was honestly a drag, and I felt highly unmotivated. This really disappointed me.

I wanted to be excited, but wasn’t.

I wanted to go to Paris, but didn’t.

Scotland was still pulling the strings of my heart, and imagination. It also wasn’t helping that I was still obsessively reading, writing, and researching about Scotland. While also re-watching Outlander season one, on repeat. (I still do that)
I knew if I was to give Paris the chance it deserves, I had to turn the page on Scotland. (For now, of course)

Turning a page: 

So how did I try to remedy this lack of excitement?

I dove straight into reading all about France. (from other bloggers POV’s)

I then had the lucky chance, of stumbling upon this gem – Is Paris a Good Idea

Like I seriously binge read almost all her content. Her style is much like Carrie’s from Sex and the City, which I love. She’s hilarious, witty, and has so many of those palm to face moments.

(I’m not sure if she writes anymore on her website, since her last post was mid-2016) But it’s definitely worth the read.

Anyways, after a bit here and there, I just couldn’t help but start thinking of Paris longingly again, I mean it has been my dream for forever.

These past few weeks have been filled with an intense rekindling of that old flame.

My plans have advanced so much, and I just can’t stop thinking and reading about it. Oh, and annoying everyone at the office with my crazy French playlist. On repeat. All day. ☺️

(Side note) I find French music so misleading. When I sing-along in French, I get so excited thinking I’m almost fluent! My hard work is finally paying off… Then I try singing without Carla Bruni… and it’s back to lesson one.😩

I think the only thing I’m worried about now, is that it might not be the Paris of my dreams. You know how we often build these places up in our head. Every perfectly curated picture we see online, fueling our imagination further of what it will be like. Then you get there and it’s like, double boo. (Like my mom says for every movie I love!)

It also doesn’t help that I equate Paris with “Once Upon a Time” and “Happily Ever After”. I don’t know why, I just do.

It could be my love of Beauty and the Beast, obsession with Le Fantôme de L’Opéra, or simply that I’ve been dying to try Ratatouille! Hell, It’s probably a mixture of all of them and more.

There’s just something about the Paris of my dreams, that makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. (and I LOVE Christmas morning!)

Just writing about it right now, has given me serious butterflies, and heart palpitations… I’m really going to Paris?! 😍

Is my order too high? Will Paris sorely be a miss with me?

I hope to have that answer in 165 days, but it’s safe to say, that I am beyond ecstatic for this trip!

For now, it can never hurt to dream.

  • Suzie ❤️

Have you struggled with moving on from a place you love?

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