Following Your Dreams: The Courage to Fail

As I was finalizing the last details for my journey to France in two months, I wanted to take a moment to recap how one trip changed me, and in doing so, changed my life.



Here’s to having the courage to fail

I’m a dreamer, a BIG dreamer, always have been. But I’m also a skeptic, and when you’re a skeptic, every dream tends to always get shot out of the sky due to overthinking.

It’s hard to shut that voice down, the one that tells you why you can’t,

why you shouldn’t,


you’re not ready…

But somehow, I was able to lower that voice for just enough time, and that’s when I took the leap to travel on my own.


Yeah, it was scary sometimes, and I almost gave up at one point. (When everything seemed to be going wrong just hours after landing in Scotland. 😬)

But I was able to push through it (thanks sis!) and when I made it to the other side of my fears, I realized that the only real failure would be if I gave up.

I didn’t, and ended up having one of the most amazing experiences of my life!


After that trip, I promised myself that I would never think twice about pursuing a dream (no matter how scary or illogical) and I would never let self-doubt temper my actions.

It gave me the courage to change my school major (again!) despite some people thinking it was a bad idea because I’m not getting any younger and “time is of the essence.” 

The courage to get back on social media to document my journey, despite my insecurities about how the people that “knew me” would react.

I’ve been able to start projects that I’ve always dreamed of, like writing my first novel, starting a YouTube channel, and creating an audio experience of my journey. (I’m just starting those, so feel free to pass by and subscribe. 😉) 

I’m grateful for the fall that showed me I’m strong enough to get back up.

I don’t think enough people grasp how quickly this moment passes.

Do you really want to spend it doing what’s tried and true? Following the steps that tradition has laid out for you?

Perhaps, like me, you want to take a chance and carve out your own imperfect path.

Purpose makes this short journey worthwhile, it gives it meaning.

But I’ve come to realize that “purpose” (at least for me) is just wanting to be happy with what you do, and the only way to achieve that, is to love what you do.

Even if you fail countless of times along the way, failing means you dared to try, many will never do so, and that is epic to me!

These are the things that inspire me.

I hope it inspires you too. 💛

I wrote something on Instagram a few weeks ago. Which is where I got the inspiration to write on this topic. So I think it’s just fitting to post it here too. 

“You’d be amazed at the things you can accomplish when you dare to fail. 
Without the fear of failure, every dream, no matter how big or small, suddenly become possible to you. 
Let that sink in.

Every seemingly outlandish dream, like becoming the next big singer, rapper, being your own boss, traveling the world, opening a coffee shop, even becoming president, is suddenly possible! 
IF you can accept and even embrace that you may fail. 
That’s usually what stops us from the start, we don’t actually believe we can win, so we change our dreams, and goals accordingly.

So now take away the fear of failing, let go of what everyone will say if you fail, or the many reasons why it wouldn’t work. 
What are you left with? 
You’re left with the most epic chance you might actually win.” ✨ – Suzie V.


Thanks so much for reading! 😃

5 thoughts on “Following Your Dreams: The Courage to Fail

  1. Good read! Great thoughts for the New Year….

    “what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail…”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The fear of failure is poison, a dream killer. The only antidote is to embrace it.
      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. 🙂


      1. My pleasure Suzie!! 🙂


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