Struggles: Writing a Caption for Instagram


Bonjour dear reader!

This post is quite different from what I usually write here, but I’ve really been wanting to share this for a while now.

It’s been about two months since I got back on other social platforms, to promote my work. And I would say the easiest and hardest platform for me to work on has been Instagram.

Crazy, I know!

I say the easiest because It’s literally just posting a photo and a caption. Of course, there are other things that go along with it, like editing, and organizing layouts, but overall it’s pretty basic.

But therein lies the “hard” part for me. It’s too simple sometimes.

Let me explain.

When you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, double tapping on pictures you like. You’re just seeing pretty pictures, but they don’t mean anything to you, the viewer.

But they do for the person who captured them.

My pictures elicit so many emotions from me. They have their real stories, from my actual travels.

And then they have the tales & poems that I write for each and every one of them. (usually allegorical in nature)

Honestly, I’m not even sure what to call them since they’re not full-blown stories. I kind of view them like the iPhone’s live photos.

So with the iPhone’s live photos, you press on the photo, and then you have seconds of that memory saved. It’s no longer just a still photo, it’ll always be a little more than that.

And that’s what I try to capture in words.

So basically, it’s a struggle for me to just write a simple, three worded caption. Not because I can’t think of a “good” one. But because I’ve thought of a caption… that’s 100+ words.

But is that too much for Instagram?

Because lets be honest, does anyone really stop their auto-pilot scrolling, to read something that long ? (apart from me of course. 😩)

Probably not.

That doesn’t stop me from posting them. But I do think people visiting my page may get confused, wondering just what are those seemingly random writings of mine.

Is she a photographer?

A blogger?

A writer?

What is she?!

Well, I guess I’m a little bit of each, but at the core, I’m just a storyteller.

Or at least I try to be.

That’s what I love.

So on that note, (because I could ramble on!) I want to share three photos with you and the words they’ve inspired.

Because for me, a picture will never just be a picture. It’ll always be just a little more…



Their Love Will Be

There across the hills, they ran.
Off into the woods, they hid.
Hearts blossoming in the spring, as do many things.
Yet the sun would shine only for a little while longer, for the night was fast approaching.
Jealous was he, that life scurried away when he drew near.
But rejoice they did, when with mornings light, he was forced to retreat in solemn defeat.
But all was not lost for the pair of them, as darkness could not so easily enter the home built on love.
So, build one, they did.
There across the hills, and around the woods.
And when the last rays of the setting sun bid them farewell, 
into their house, they went.
For much is easily lost in the cold, and starless night.
But love, love would always be there to see them through.


Processed with VSCO with m3 preset


The wind howled,
and the waves battered the cliffs as darkness crept closer.
We waited, hidden under a tree,
and I held you close.
He would not take you from me.
I would not let you go.
But as the night went on,
we drifted off into a deep slumber.
His cold and icy grasp ever searching through the night as we slept.
Sweeping across the cliffs
he found us there, under the tree.
A chilling howl he let out, as he snatched you away from my side and into the night.
I woke with a terrible fright,
but you were already gone.
Stumbling out onto the jagged
rocks of the cliff.
I cried out into the darkness your name, but only the weeping wind answered. Leading me down to the seashore, I found you there alone, as if waiting for me.
And holding you in my arms once more, through the tears, these words I did implore.

Let us go together,
Let the wind carry us both.
You are my anchor, and I am your compass.
Let us go together,
lest the rolling waves tear us apart.
I care not to stay where you won’t be.
A compass without its anchor, will never find a home, so do not leave me here alone.
Let us go together now, and our hearts will be free.


Processed with VSCO with m3 preset


The truth is,
I’ve searched for you always.
You’re never far, but always just beyond my grasp.
Like trying to remember a dream that eludes you on waking.
Or trying to catch a snowflake that’s melting as it falls to your hand.
You’re always just around the next corner,
just over that bridge,
or just beyond the horizon.
I’ve searched for you in the night skies, listened for you in the wind that whirled around me.
It must be that star over there, I think to myself.
A wistful smile playing across my face.
Sitting there, under the moonlight, I know that I’ll never stop searching.
I’ve fallen through time, and I’m trying to bring you there too.
But maybe, some things aren’t meant to be found. 
Perhaps, it is the dream we are meant to keep alive; 
so that hope never fades,
and love always remains.



On Instagram many will just see pretty pictures, but now you have been able to glimpse more than just a photograph.

All around us, there will always be just a little more. 💛


Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hello Suzie, saw your work on Bloguettes and would love to invite you to promote it with an AMA on our, let me know your thoughts, will be happy to help with setup and promotion.


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