Old Spirit and His Sons

Welcome dear reader!

I’m back with another little tale that I was inspired to write last night, at about 3 a.m.! 😩 (Does anyone else get struck at such odd hours with the need to write?)

Well, I’m a bit of an over-thinker, constantly worrying about things before they’ve even happened, things that I can’t control. And when things do go awry, my anxiety and frustration go into over-drive thinking about why those things even happen. You can imagine that this becomes overwhelming at times. So recently, I have been becoming so much more aware of this behavior, and trying to redirect my mind when it begins to spiral down that rabbit hole of pointless thinking. Which is where I got the inspiration for this story.

We can’t choose to never go through hard times, and we cannot know the future before it has arrived.

But we can choose to not let fear take a free ride in our hearts over what might happen. And we can choose how we act when dark times do make an unwelcome appearance in our lives. 💛

You can find my reading of this tale here on Sound Cloud. ( It is by no means a professional recording, just my good old iPhone, and the song that drove the words.)

Hope you enjoy!


Old Spirit and His Sons

Long ago, in the land of the eternal sun, where all things flourished,
and all endured peacefully.
There were a people entrusted with the care of those lands, and they protected it from any who sought to bring harm.
One day, Old Spirit, the Okimaw of those people, was out with his sons on their usual hunt when a sudden darkness approached them from the north.
It was like nothing they had ever seen before in the land of the eternal sun, and they grew worried.
‘Be still’ said Old Spirit calmly, as he sensed their restlessness growing. ‘Fighting Bear,’ he continued to one of his sons. ‘Why are you so quick to draw your bow?’
Fighting Bear stood tall with his chest heaving, ‘I will fight this darkness that approaches.
It will not take what is ours’ he finished with anger burning across his face, the darkness already poisoning his heart.
‘Shivering Owl, why have you stepped away and hidden yourself my son?’ asked Old Spirit with his gaze still steadily facing the impending doom. ‘I have never seen such blackness cloud our skies, we must leave here, and hide.’ he finished almost in a whisper,
fear etching itself in his worried heart. ‘Strong Paw, come’ called Old spirit to his last son who stood facing the darkness. ‘And tell me what you see.’
Strong Paw walked slowly towards the edge of the forest
where the river meets the earth in friendship.
And as he looked out, he saw that all life seemed to have sensed the darkness as they scurried away;
there was not a ripple in the river,
nor a stir from the trees that once danced with the wind.
All was quiet now, as it drew near. Closer now, it was almost here. ‘Strong Paw?’ called the Okimaw again. ‘Father,’ he finally said, with a voice as steady as his gaze. ‘We could not stop the darkness from coming before it came, and we have not the power to send it away now that it is here.
So how can we run from what came to us?
How can we fight what has a will of its own?
No, I will stay here, and if the darkness should search for me,
it will find me planted here like the fir tree, with my heart at peace with that which I could not change.🌲


2 thoughts on “Old Spirit and His Sons

  1. Love love love this story! So needed to read this. Loved the audio version and the music. Keep up the great job!


    1. Aww! Thank you darling. So happy you enjoyed it. 💛


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