Rovina of Astrum

Rovina knew not where the winding steps of the forest of Caligo would lead her. However, she knew darkness and trouble would undoubtedly find her there. Dare she leave all that was known and safe behind, knowing that she would never be able to return?
True, the village of Berwick held nothing special for her, but here at least, she knew she would remain unscathed… for a while that is.
Remember, a voice seemed to call from within.
Yes, remember the promise.

A promise that was left for her, since before the day of her birth; sealed in amber on a scroll of starry promissum.
In this scroll, was written the promise of the king of Astrum. A king of legend that no one from her time had ever so much as glimpsed. He, along with all she had now learned, could turn out to be nothing more than that, a legend. A tale created for those poor fools who dream of something more, of becoming more. And so, in their misplaced hope, they’re led on an endless search for the impossible, for what has never been found.
Still, it was this promise, his promise, which had brought her here today, to the mouth of the living forest.
Closing her eyes, they flitted anxiously, begging to not be left in darkness, but she shut them all the tighter as she took in an unsteady breath, realizing that the forest and skies seemed to be holding their breath in utter silence. Her blood rushed with a rhythmic force that threatened to burst from within, but she remained as she was, and then began to recite the words ingrained in her heart, so familiar they were to her lips.

“A treacherous journey you must one day choose to take, where all must be put at stake.
Where what you hold dear, will become all you fear.
Where friend will become foe, and loneliness you shall surely know.
Even so, you must never despair, lest you fall into the great demon wolf’s binding snare.
From Astrum, you were torn, the place where you should have been born.

Therefore, it is there you must return, to retrieve what was lost, and have fate overturn. Never doubt that hope shall always remain. A way can be found, if in your heart, my promise stays bound. And here is my promise to you, daughter of Astrum. I have given you all that is necessary for you to make this perilous journey, though at times you may feel lost, I shall be with you always. If you believe in my promise and in your quest, then I shall take care of the rest.

Rovina’s eyes fluttered open, and the leaves rustled once more. And the sun shone all the brighter, seemingly trying to coax her with its warmth, away from the coldness of the gaping forest. Even the wind swept downwards, gently nudging her back one step, two steps, three… and then she stopped.
Her mind had been set, and courage wrapped itself tightly around her heart.
The journey to the unseen land of Astrum was her destiny.
She knew she must go, though she may very well fail in the attempt, she had to try.

All became calm once more, as Rovina of Astrum, took her first step forward towards the unknown, a fiery hope burning within.

2 thoughts on “Rovina of Astrum

  1. Beautifully written ! ♥️♥️


    1. Thank you dearest! Always appreciate your comments. 😘✨


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