Meet the Author


Hey there!

My name is Suzie, and I’m the creator here at She Chose Now. I’m a proud American, born and raised in the sunshine state. Admittedly I don’t wake up to views like the one pictured below everyday, but I live pretty damn close! 


 A few fun facts:

  • I’m completely obsessed with coffee. Honestly, I’m probably going to create a section in this blog filled with robustly flavored musings, and scandalously steamy pictures. You’ve been warned! 🤗
  • I’m currently working on an English Lit & Psychology degree.
  • I love and watch way too many movies, which you will probably end up noticing with the many references I make. 
  • I love outdoor adventures like, hiking, kayaking, and anything up in the sky.  
  • I’m so glad you’ve made it to my blog! (Yes, that is a fun fact.)


So now lets get to the juicy part! What is this blog all about?

Well, if my tagline has somehow left you puzzled and wondering just where the hell you’ve landed? Be puzzled no more. She Chose Now is where I write all about my travel adventures, all the ups and downs, and anything that happens in between. (books, coffee, & life)

Now, I’m still a newbie at this whole solo travel thing. (My disastrous car rental experience in Scotland would definitely attest to that!) However, I’ve learned so much already, not only about travel and destinations, but of myself as well.

I’ve learned things like, why I will never stay in a hostel again if I can help it!

And how some places will always hold an extra-special place in your heart.

More often than not, you will also find posts with more raw/personal content, like this one about my struggles with trying to be a travel blogger. I really enjoy writing about my mistakes, self-doubt, and even anxiety. They always seem less scary and not so debilitating after I’ve written them all down. It’s as if fear loses its hold on me the moment I hit publish.

You’ll also find whimsical fictional stories, allegorical poems, and writings about my own writer’s journey. As I’m currently on a quest to finish and publish my first novel. (Trust me, it’s much harder than it seems. 😅)

When will my book be done? I have no clue. I’ve only written the first and last chapter, the former having been re-written multiple times already. I hate to force a deadline on myself, but I’m hopeful that I will make great advancements on it soon. It’s definitely the most daunting and thrilling feat I have ever attempted! But I’m fueled by a love so great for my craft that it matters not how impossible it all seems.


So What Inspired Me to Pursue all This?

My inspiration, came from a grook by Piet Hein, “Living is a thing you do now or never, which do you?”

This was so powerful to me, the tipping point actually. It was one of those special moments in life, where destiny reveals itself, and gives you one chance to follow.

Many, never have the courage to follow it. But I saw all of my life laid out before me, and all of my dreams waiting for that ever elusive “someday” and then someday never came. I was not going to let that be me anymore. I was going to leap into the unknown. Never giving regret a chance to make me wonder, what if?

I hope that my site will not only be informative and entertaining but also an inspiring place for you. 

A little reminder that today, is the perfect day to do something you love!

So get yourself a cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy your visit here at She Chose Now. 💛


“Don’t sit out the season of your life waiting for the right moment. You’re up to bat every single day you wake up, and you owe it to that precious gift you’ve been given, to at least swing.

Swing for your dreams, for love, for happiness, for what makes you feel alive.”

– Suzie Vargas



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